Month: October 2016

Choose Two Toned-When You Just Can’t Decide

One of the very best trends in eyewear is the two-toned trend. Having multiple colors and textures in your eyewear creates a bold visual interest that will catch the attention of all. We at Simply Eyeglasses see this trend on the rise and here are our five top favorites which can all be found on

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Life in the Fast Lane-Sunglasses of NASCAR drivers

The type of shades that NASCAR drivers prefer to wear has become quite a sensation among so many people. Every now and then, eyewear brands introduce a new line of sleek and stylish sporty sunglasses, which makes people go crazy when NASCAR drivers wear them. If you want to know which pair of sunglasses your favorite NASCAR driver is currently sporting than look no further than Simply Eyeglasses to help you.


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Oakley is primarily a sports brand as far as eyewear is concerned. This point is made more potent when you take a look at the NASCAR legend Tony Stewart and how he can be found wearing the newest and sleekest Oakley models.


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Carl Edwards relies on none other than Wiley X sunglasses for the tracks as well as for his daily use. Wiley X is a world leader in research, development and marketing of protective eyewear for tactical and civil applications. Not only Carl Edwards but other members of NASCAR also prefer Wiley’s sunglasses as they rely on its crystal-clear vision and high-velocity protection on and off the track.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. keeps us up to speed when helping craft his Signature 88 SPY Sunglass Collection—Admiral, Dirty Mo, General and McCoy frames have his trademark touch and 88 logo on the temple. Collaborating with America’s modern-day hero for nearly a decade, the SPY + Dale Jr. Signature 88 Collection pairs SPY’s Happy Lens™ with classic styling to keep you running at 200 smiles per hour.


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Oakley, Spy, Wiley X and many other sport brands can all be found on Simply Eyeglasses to help keep your fast and furious eyewear up to date with all the biggest NASCAR pro’s.

Falling for Color with Simply Eyeglasses

The warm hues and colors of fall are soon to be everywhere you look. Bringing the seasons shades of warm browns and bright oranges is no different when it comes to eyewear. Here are Simply Eyeglasses top 5 favorite looks for fall representing all the gorgeous colors inspired by the season.

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  3. fallcolors3
  4. fallcolors4
  5. fallcolors5

Pinktober – VERA BRADLEY

October, as we all know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are probably very few people that have not been impacted by this disease. Most of us know breastcancersomeone that has breast cancer, had breast cancer or lost their battle with breast cancer. With that in mind, this blog post is dedicated to those courageous people.

Vera Bradley co-founders, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller established the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer in 1998 to provide a structure for their efforts and to raise additional funds. Barbara and Patricia remain committed to funding breast cancer research through a portion of Vera Bradley’s profits.


Katalina Pink – Photo provided by


Katalina Pink Diamonds – Photo provided by

Since 1999, Vera Bradley has designed special breast cancer awareness colors to celebrate their commitment to the cause. Vera Bradley is dedicated to eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. By carrying these beautiful colors, you can show your support and add a little color to the fight against breast cancer. The colors chosen for this year are Katalina Pink and Katalina Pink Diamonds. There are multiple Vera Bradley styles of eye and sunglasses that can be purchased through in these special colors.

Take a picture of yourself or friends wearing Vera Bradley frames and something pink, use the hashtag #focusonacure. During the month of October, The McGee Group, manufacturer of Vera Bradley frames, has pledged to donate $10 for every hashtag that is posted to Facebook and Instagram.




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