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Top Picks in Children’s Eyewear


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We all know how picky children can be when it comes to their clothes or everyday choices. With so much to choose from in the world of children’s eyewear- we at Simply Eyeglasses like frames for kids that have the style of the most current eyewear trends but are still suitable and colorful to make children feel special in their glasses. Below is our top 5 list for boys and top 5 list for girls- Just in time for the holidays!


TOP 5 list for BOY eyeglasses:

  1. kids1
  2. kids2
  3. kids3
  4. kids4
  5. kids5


Top 5 list for GIRL eyeglasses:

  1. kids6
  2. kids7
  3. kids8
  4. kids9kids10

Give Thanks & Protect Your Eyes with Sports Eyewear

Everyone knows how important it is to protect your eyes but not everyone practices this sentiment when engaging in their favorite activities. High contact and high energy sports can be the biggest culprit for eye injuries to people of all ages but most prevalent for children.

Sports Equipment

Through the hard work and dedication of eye care professionals – reports have shown eye injuries have decreased by double digits over the past five years. Still, the challenge remains as active youth and adults still suffer over 30,000 eye injuries each year. Most of these injuries are preventable through being informed and filled in on all that is available in the arena of sport eyewear protection.

There is such an ever growing market to protect children at all their sporting events like Liberty Sport’s F8 series goggles, Rec Specs for kids and Wiley X Youth force line. Even better is most sport active models can have prescription lenses installed in them or not- so no matter what you or your child’s vision needs are they can be met and protected in sports eyewear. wlibertyf8 wileyxflash wrecspecs

Vintage & Cool -3 Top Newest Styles From Lulu Guinness Eyewear

As of October 2016- Lulu Guinness Eyewear has released new models for t8982heir sunglass and eyeglass lines. Our three favorites are the L898, L775 and L903. All three models have a vintage cat eye aesthetic and come in the most modern color combinations. The quality of Lulu Guinness eyewear is very high for their price point and all models are ma8981de with high quality materials.8983

  • The L898 model features stripes and was created by Tura’s Vision Expo East Design-A-Frame Competition Winner. This frame comes in a unique tortoise, a classic black and a very unique color blocked coral. Modern and retro at the same time this frame is classic Lulu Guinness.

The L7775275 model is metal and features a flat metal sheen with animal print. Lulu Guinness is know for her use of animal print and this 7751frame is softened by the rectangular shape added to the cat eye to make a very feminine look.


  •  With inspiration taken 9033 9032from Lulu Guinness’s very own “Dare to Dream” print, this frame uses the slogan in a new way by marking it on the inside of the temple. This gives the customer a fun surprise only the customer knows about and a fun message to share. This frame comes in a very special blue tortoise as well- which is very unique and eye catching and new for Lulu Guinness considering the fact she is know for black, white and red colors. The popularity of these three frames is sure to soar with the new fall line.
If you like cat eye glasses and the newest trends in eyewear- be sure to check out the new line and all the other new styles from Lulu Guinness.
lulu1 lulu2lulu3luluguinnesslogo


Specialty Wrapped Eyewear – Everything You Need to Know

With wraparound eyewear increasing in popularity along with manufacturers creating sport and activity specific designs- this wave in the optical industry has prompted rising desire for very wrapped frames to follow around the natural curve of one’s face to keep excess light and debris out of the eyes while providing a contemporary look.

Even though seemingly they are the most cutting edge technology- wrapped glasses aren’t a new item.  Their original popularity began in the 1960’s beatnik hip culture.  True to form, Hollywood icons were decked out in designs of the time.  A prime example is Peter Fonda peter_fonda_easyriderin the hugely popular classic Easy Rider.  There is scarcely a picture in circulation of Fonda in the movie without sporting a pair of Bausch & Lomb Olympians.  There is also Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.  Another Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban design, the Balorama, was a wardrobe rb3119staple for Eastwood’s Dirty Harry Callahan character.  Both of those 1960’s designs, the Olympian (RB 3119) and Balorama (RB 4089) are still produced by Ray-Ban parent company Luxottica.

clint-eastwood-dirty-harry-1971-ray-ban-balorama-sunglassesThe early days of wrap glasses only allowed for non-prescription or very light prescription lenses.  With expanding lab technology, high prescriptions once thought impossible can rb4089now be acheived.  It’s important to maintain the aesthetic integrity of each frame; therefore manufacturing of the lens with the factory intended front curve is imperative.  This can be somewhat difficult for some optical labs with higher prescriptions, especially those on the myopic or near sighted side.  Many times a lab will relieve the difficulty by surfacing the lens on a flatter front curve which then decreases the wrap effect dramatically.  The end result is a look that differs greatly from the design’s intended look.  Whenever possible consumers should insist their prescription is fabricated on the same front curve intended by the eyewear designer and originally allotted by the frame.

Current lab technology and higher lens indices make it possible to craft an RX up to +6.00D for farsighted prescriptions and up to -8.00 (total minus which is sphere plus cylinder) on some nearsighted prescriptions in wrap eyewear. 

It should be noted base (front) curve adaptation can be an issue for a small percentage of wearers.  Most wrap frames require a lens front curve of 8.00D.  Most myopic prescriptions are manufactured on a front curve of 4.00 or less.  Since wearers are accustomed to those flatter curves, moving up to an 8.00 front curve will occasionally be an issue on some nearsighted customers.  Adaptation can only be determined by trying; there are no set parameters or formula.  Some wearers are more sensitive to changes than others.

Have you been told your prescription cannot be manufactured in the frame you desire?  Are you hesitant you will not adapt to a wrap RX?  Check with your local eyewear provider for their policies for non-adaptation and prescription limits.  Some providers will allow the consumer to try their prescription in the frame of their choice at little or no risk.  Ask your eyecare professional when you find that perfect frame.

Ways to Maintain Great Eye Health

In these modern times, nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy body. That core belief does not stop when it comes to one of our most precious organs: the eyes. Below are a few things you can eat or practice daily to ensure you are giving the best back to your eyes.

  • Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and collards– have antioxidants lutein and zlaxanthin. Which will boost your body immunities and eyes with needed vitamins.kale
  • Salmon, tuna, oily fish- have Omega 3 fatty acid which is good nutrients for eye health and keeping skin soft.salmon
  • Eggs & Beans – have lutein, ziaxathin and protein. Giving the strength your eyes need to carry you through daily life .beans
  • Almonds – are loaded with Vitamin E which reduces the speed of macular degeneration ( a very damaging eye condition.)almonds
  • Sweet Potatoes & Carrots – have beta carotene, Vitamin A and anti oxidants your eyes need to see clearly.



  • Tomatoes – Carotenoids and Lycopene provides good nutrition for the eyes.tomatoes
  • Don’t Smoke – smoking can cause optic nerve damage, cataracts and macular degeneration,and a bevy of other overall health issues.smoking
  • Wear Sunglasses – always wear sunglasses that block 99% – 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. Remember- even when the sun is not out those harmful rays can still effect your
  • Make sure you keep your Rx up to date and visit your Eye Doctor regularly. So many people make the mistake of going to the doctor only in times of trouble- the biggest preventative measure is routine exams against any eye issues/diseases.eye-chart




Transitions Drivewear-Best of Both Worlds in Sun Protection

 No matter where you live the weather and light is constantly changing around you when outdoors or driving. The best product in lenses for the ever changing effects of light outdoors is without a doubt Transitions Drivewear. With the benefits of Transitions photochromic technology and NuPolar polarized technology you really do get the best of both worlds in protection for your eyes. We offer Transitions Drivewear in many different lens styles on Depending on the light around you Transitions Drivewear can change to many different hues to enhance all there is to see in any sun light.
  • In low light, early morning or overcast conditions, the Drivewear lens will be a green to yellow hue that provides the ultimate in high contrast and eradicating glare.lowlightdrive
  • In partial sun or behind the windshield of a car, Drivewear lenses change to a rich copper light brown enhancing contrast through color and ranging depth perceptions.behindwindshieldtranstions
  • In full-sun/outdoor light, Drivewear lenses will change to a reddish-copper brown enabling the lens to provide ultimate protection and maximum comfort. fullsundrivewear

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Eye Strain – Tips to Prevent Headaches and Pain

Whether it is through our computer monitors, tablets, cell phones or other devices, we get a tremendous amount of screen time each week.  Eyestrain becomes a concern when you are intensely focused on a task without taking a break.  Glare, contrast levels, awkward viewing angles and a focus that frequently causes to blink less all contribute to possible issues with eyestrain.

The good news is that a few quick tips can help you avoid eyestrain issues.

•     Take breaks – taking a short break helps you relax your posture and allows your eyes to rest from focusing on the screen.

•     Adjust your lighting – find a comfortable light level for your device and surroundings

•     Keep your screen clean – wipe down your device to avoid dust or smudges that may cause you to unknowingly strain your eyes

•     Get your eyes checked – set up an appointment to get your eyes check to make sure you are not putting extra stress on your eyes by straining to focus

•     Rethink your eyewear – if you wear glasses, ask about lens coatings such as anti reflective coating or tinting that can reduce glare and wear polarized sunglasses to avoid squinting when outdoors

A few simple tips can help you avoid a possible headache or other discomfort while still enjoying your technology.


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Polarized Lenses-Superior Sun Protection

When it comes to sun protection for your eyes, there is no doubt that the market is flooded with many different options for shielding your eyes from the suns harmful rays. The best choice by far is choosing a polarized lens. Polarized lenses have the unique distinction of being the ultimate protection for your eyes. Unlike a tinted or darkened lens a polarizpolar1ed lens has an actual filter adhered to the inside of the lens. The polarized filter is what blocks the harmful rays and protects the eyes. The polarized lens blocks blinding glare and 100% harmful UVA and UVB light from the sun. They are also incredibly soothing to the eyes and can actually enable you to see contrast in a way any other lens treatment could not. Typically, polarizing_filterpolarized is offered in brown, gray and popular G15 gray green. It also comes in just about any lens type on Simply Eyeglasses from progressive to lined bifocal to single vision.

We support ultimate eye health and having a polarized sunglass is just about the best way to ensure no damage comes to your eyes when in the sun.

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