Eye Strain – Tips to Prevent Headaches and Pain

Whether it is through our computer monitors, tablets, cell phones or other devices, we get a tremendous amount of screen time each week.  Eyestrain becomes a concern when you are intensely focused on a task without taking a break.  Glare, contrast levels, awkward viewing angles and a focus that frequently causes to blink less all contribute to possible issues with eyestrain.

The good news is that a few quick tips can help you avoid eyestrain issues.

•     Take breaks – taking a short break helps you relax your posture and allows your eyes to rest from focusing on the screen.

•     Adjust your lighting – find a comfortable light level for your device and surroundings

•     Keep your screen clean – wipe down your device to avoid dust or smudges that may cause you to unknowingly strain your eyes

•     Get your eyes checked – set up an appointment to get your eyes check to make sure you are not putting extra stress on your eyes by straining to focus

•     Rethink your eyewear – if you wear glasses, ask about lens coatings such as anti reflective coating or tinting that can reduce glare and wear polarized sunglasses to avoid squinting when outdoors

A few simple tips can help you avoid a possible headache or other discomfort while still enjoying your technology.


*Image provided by Commons.wikimedia.org


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