Everyone knows how important it is to protect your eyes but not everyone practices this sentiment when engaging in their favorite activities. High contact and high energy sports can be the biggest culprit for eye injuries to people of all ages but most prevalent for children.

Sports Equipment

Through the hard work and dedication of eye care professionals – reports have shown eye injuries have decreased by double digits over the past five years. Still, the challenge remains as active youth and adults still suffer over 30,000 eye injuries each year. Most of these injuries are preventable through being informed and filled in on all that is available in the arena of sport eyewear protection.

There is such an ever growing market to protect children at all their sporting events like Liberty Sport’s F8 series goggles, Rec Specs for kids and Wiley X Youth force line. Even better is most sport active models can have prescription lenses installed in them or not- so no matter what you or your child’s vision needs are they can be met and protected in sports eyewear. wlibertyf8 wileyxflash wrecspecs