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Neubau Eyewear – New and Fresh Quality Eyewear

Manufactured by the ever classical and quality company Silhouette, Neubau Eyewear is their newest line launch. Neubau is named after the very forward thinking and innovative district in Vienna. Made in Austria, Neubau eyewear has the same ideas as Silhouette- High end, High craftsmanship, High style and extremely light frames. They have all the most modern shapes and colors for anyone looking to have smart and strong eyewear. Some of our favorite looks from this new line include:

1.) T010 Simon

Neubau Simon

2.)  T011 Isabella

neubau isabella

3.) T009 Linda

neubau linda

4.) T002 Alex

neubau alex

5.) T001 Leo

neubau leo

Rudy Project

Just a short note on Rudy Project because we really love the glasses.
For 25 years Rudy’s mission has been simple – research, develop, apply and promote technical innovations to create comfortable, practical, stylish and cutting-edge products that meet the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

Check out our site of all the frames we have to offer from Rudy Project.

Silhouette Eyewear – Skilled in Simplicity

The Austrian brand Silhouette was founded in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, who decided to create an eyewear collection that let the look be thesilhouettelogo absolute leader and fit every person. Silhouette prescription glasses are known for  their stylish and lightweight frames.The company began manufacturing eyeglasses in 1964, and today, they are known for their best-selling titanium rimless and no-hinge eyewear, which NASA endorses as the standard eyewear for astronauts.

Silhouette’s products’ quality and design are exclusive. Passion for small details, unique, personal design and an almost artis7799tic technology used in the production process are some of the aspects they promote. The most popular model by far is the Silhouette Rimless TMA Must 7799- with no hinges and sleek temples it is the ultimate minimalistic frame.

Silhouette glasses’ rims are made of titanium, making them flexible, light and tough. Many frames are hingeless as well, giving an elegant and modern look to the customer’s face. Moreover, the eyeglass models presented by the Austrian brand in its campaigns are appropriate to the parameters silhouetterequired for every season, to accommodate any kind of customer.

Apart from perfect fitting to any face shape, their long-lasting quality makes it unnecessary to repair the glasses or replace them very often, especially with proper everyday handling. That is the reason why buying Silhouette eyewear is always the right choice for your eye health and it also goes easy on our wallet in the long term. You can purchase many styles of authentic Silhouette prescription eyeglasses and lenses online at




Aviators – The Most Universally Flattering Sunglass Shape

Whether you are a man, woman, tall, small, wide, skinny or purple, chances are you are going to look pretty goaviator5od in an aviator shaped sunglass frame. Aviators are the most universally friendly of sunglass shapes and can be suitable for many ages, genders and races. In 1935, Bausch and Lomb created the shape anaviator4d was put on the map by Ray Ban. aviator2Their classic RB3025 aviator sunglass is still today one of the most relevant and popular frames.

Many brands have adopted some sort of aviator style to their collections. Gucci, Carrera, Tom Ford and L.A.M.B are just a few who merit the aviator style to some of their most successful frames. Due to their simple shape and full sun coverage an aviator frame will afford you, we do believe this style will always be in high demand.

Marc Jacobs – Setting the Trends in Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs line was founded in 2001 as a luxury line. While very sumarc1bstantial and high quality Marc Jacobs sunglasses are affordable as well. Marc Jacobs has served as head designer of many other lines before creating his own. Always setting trends and incorporating a unique flare has always been what Marc Jacobs ends up achieving with each surprising collection.

marc5Our top three favorite and most popular glasses in Marc Jacobs sunglass line: marc3marc4


Silhouette Eyewear-Ultimate Style In & Out Of This World

Silhouette began in 1964 as a vision of glasses used as a decorative device. Today, Silhouette is a world leading brand of light and high quality glasses. Made with great attention to detail, due to a large portion of work done by hand, using the best materials and latest technology. Made in Austria, they are exported to 100 countries worldwide. In 1999, Silhouette revolutionized the eyeglass world with its Titan Minimal Art glasses, weighing only 1.8 grams, without screws, hinges or rims.

This Austrian luxury brand provides glasses to Queen Elizabeth and NASA astronuts. Silhouette glasses have been in space 35 times. Titan Minimal Art chassis’ are created with the temples and bridges from the same hightech titanium alloys that are used in the aerospace industry. Due to these properties, Titan Minimal Art is extremely lightweight, highly flexible, durable, and virtually maintenance free with the biggest benefit of being comfortable.

Silhouette eyeglasses also travel around the globe with the Vienna Philharmonic as well as with a number of celebrities from entertainment, business and politics.



Tom Ford – Fashion Designer and So Much More

We are all familiar with the name Tom Ford. Best known as an American Fashion Designer. He was creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before launching his own label. Ford’s brands include menswear, womenswear, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics and fragrances. Each designed to achieve ravishing femine glamour and impeccable masculine style while amplifying individuality.tom ford:

But did you also know that Tom ford is a film director? He directed the oscar-nominated film ” A Single Man”. He also directed and is the screenwriter/producer for the film “Nocturnal Animals”. There is no doubt Tom Ford’s fashion legacy and fame will continue on in the year 2017.

Nocturnal Animals (DEC 9) R - An art gallery owner is haunted by her ex-husband's novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat and a symbolic revenge tale. - Director: Tom Ford - Writers: Tom Ford (screenplay), Austin Wright (based on the novel "Tony and Susan" by) - Stars: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon - DRAMA / THRILLER:


Don’t Call Me Old Fashioned-Top Five Classic Styled Men’s Frames

old6Mens fashion is forever changing but one thing that is always a constant for a stylish man is the desire for quality and everlasting design. More than ever, classic styled frames are in the highest demand for men everywhere. Simply Eyeglasses offers such a bevy of durable and highly designed eyewear for the male sophisticate. Our top five favorites- Ronsir Zyl by Shuron, Ray Ban RX5121, Persol Po3107V, Spy Optics Rylan and Original Penguin Clyde Jr. will quell any optical taste for every man.

old1 old2 old3 old4 old5

Persol-Timeless Eyewear made popular by ‘King of Cool’


If you’re a fan of the late actor Steve McQueen you’re most likely familiar with eyewear icon Persol.  In circulation since 1917, McQueen helped popularize Persol for the 1960’s and future generations.  Persol sunglasses were a huge favorite with pilots and race car drivers.  When Steve wasn’t making memorable films, he could many times be found immersed in one of his favorite pastimes, racing. It made perfect sense to spot him around the motorsports scene wearing his Persols.


It all bsupreme_arrowegan in 1917 when Berry optical owner Giuseppe Ratti began crafting frames and lenses targeting athletes and pilots.  Ratti leaned toward sunglasses thus the name Persol which loosely translated means “for the sun”.  Persol patented the Meflecto system, one of the first spring hinge temple designs.  Most models then as well as now are adorned with Persol’s unmistakable “Supreme Arrow” located on the temple hinges.

Persol’s eventual United States debut was in 1962. Italian optical frame and sunglass powerhouse Luxottica now owns the brand.  Luxottica’s high standards ensure lasting quality for the timeless brand.  Unsurpassed designs along with superb acetates and metals define contemporary Persol.

Our Simply Eyeglasses favorite top pick Persol sunglass model would have to be the PO3110S in color Striped Brown for it’s timeless look and craftsmanship. It can be viewed and purchased at the following link:persol 

Top Steve McQueen image provided by & all other images by

Top Picks in Children’s Eyewear


Image by

We all know how picky children can be when it comes to their clothes or everyday choices. With so much to choose from in the world of children’s eyewear- we at Simply Eyeglasses like frames for kids that have the style of the most current eyewear trends but are still suitable and colorful to make children feel special in their glasses. Below is our top 5 list for boys and top 5 list for girls- Just in time for the holidays!


TOP 5 list for BOY eyeglasses:

  1. kids1
  2. kids2
  3. kids3
  4. kids4
  5. kids5


Top 5 list for GIRL eyeglasses:

  1. kids6
  2. kids7
  3. kids8
  4. kids9kids10

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